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Live viewing vie WebEx of my Red Test Panel being shot at Chesapeake Testing Lab

Why is NIJ testing important

NIJ stands for the National Institute of Justice. NIJ has a set standard  of variables such as bullet velocity, distance to target, bullet weight, caliber, and many more to make sure everything is controlled so you can have confidence in the results. See Page 5 for test summary at link below. The NIJ Standards are used to develop protective gear for police departments all across the USA

Not All Kevlar Is Created Equal

There are dozens of different kinds of Kevlar type and weaves as well as other ballistic fabrics available. Kevlar has uses in fire protection, laminate filler such as in boats and car panels, and of course ballistic protection. I tested a 15 loose layer panel of K49 ( boat kevlar) and it did not stop my .40 cal pistol round. Where only 8 layers of K129 stitched together did stop the .40 cal

There are only 4 NIJ certified testing labs in the US

If you are not getting a product that has been through the rigorous testing standards of the NIJ, then you are not getting value. As I mentioned earlier, just because it is Kevlar, doesn't mean it stops bullets. The testing in the lab not only tests the fabric, but also the  engineering, and quality of construction.  I you are buying a protective product, you need to know the product works, and against what threats it is effective.

Products in Developement

The Life Binder , will be modified to fit a variety of  personal items. In the works are a backpack insert, purse insert, satchel insert and Briefcase false bottom.

How do I know it works?

We test the fabric and construction in a mock up Prototype that is 12"x 12" and send it to the lab. The Lab  as pictured at the top left clamps the panel into a vise that holds the panel just on the edges. There is very little give and nothing behind the panel except a "witness paper"  which if perforated by anything after a shot is considered a fail. The panel is then shot 5 times at the correct speed and caliber being tested against. Once we have a passing test, we then take the same layer count of Kevlar  fabric, stitch pattern, and outer materials and make them into Life Binder. NIJ testing

Do you have a discount for large families?

Yes, of course! I understand Kids are Expensive. Purchase 3 or more and you get each Life Binder for 65.00$ instead of the list price of 79.95 as well as free USPS Priority shipping